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Muscle Therapy

Non-invasive way of restoring motion to your joints.

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Theralight 360 is a form of PBMT that offers a drug-free and non-invasive way of restoring motion to your joints, redeveloping muscles, losing weight, relaxing your muscles, and relieving muscle spasms. By exposing your body to specific light spectrums this therapy is able to promote the recovery of muscles while boosting your mitochondrial function and decreasing inflammation.

It’s so effective that you will start to feel better in just a few short minutes, as the light gets to work relieving the inflammation resulting from oxidative stress. This occurs when you experience a great influx of oxygen-containing molecules, free radicals, like peroxides. Once exposed to your body’s cells these free radicals can cause damage if they aren’t properly metabolized.

While your body normally has mechanisms used to break down any free radicals, certain conditions produce too many, leaving your body over-stressed and unable to cope. PBMT offers a non-invasive means of combating those free radicals.