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Cleanses, hydrates, and extracts impurities.

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Blending the most advanced medical tech for skin care and health with the invigoration of a relaxing spa treatment, our award-winning HydraFacial System cleanses, hydrates, and extracts impurities using patented Vortex-Fusion® technology. Rejuvenate your skin and reveal the bright beauty of beneath as the system exfoliates and resurfaces. Remove impurities and debris to clear out your pores through gentle, painless suction before hydrating and nourishing your skin through intense moisturizers. And get your glow on as your skin’s surface is flooded with peptides and antioxidants.

This is a multi-step process that effectively removes your dead skin cells and the impurities that naturally build up from the environment around you. Your skin will be left revitalised with vital nutrients, leaving it recharged and beautiful.