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About Us

Modern life is loud, hectic, stressful, intense. While a lot of benefits and pleasures come with that intensity, it takes a toll. We’ll empower you to live your best life, nurture yourself outside and in, and discover the best version of you. As a one-stop wellness spa, health center, and beauty hub we offer cutting edge care modalities encouraging every level of your wellbeing, from anti-aging and performance-boosting treatments, to aesthetic enhancements, all delivered in a luxurious, indulgent spa-like atmosphere.

Based in Katy, Houston is only a short drive away and we happily cater to the good people of Texas, BluVida is dedicated to providing the perfect destination for wellness seekers and health pilgrims from all over the country. With technology and modern integrative and personalized medicine, we can service clients all over the world.

At BluVida Wellness & Med Spa we provide the tools and talents from leading experts in the Beauty, Energy, Performance and Wellness Industries to empower our clients to optimize their Health and Wellness. What might seem only attainable to celebrities, experts and professional athletes are available and ready for you.

In an age often accompanied by technology, we believe it is most fitting to use technology for your advancement. Our cutting-edge and personalized high-tech systems are designed to help reduce stress, promote better sleep, support weight loss and correct other common problems.

Our services were carefully chosen and curated with you in mind. We offer the best of med spas, rehab centers, and other health services all at one unique wellness center.

They’re designed to be a quick and easy part of your daily routine to maintain optimum wellness. Allow us to fulfill your potential to start living your best life now.


Creating BluVida has been like crafting the perfect wine and sharing it with friends. We’ve sought out the very best products and services needed to live a healthier, happier life. Now we’re sharing a more harmonious approach to living so that others might experience and enjoy the best version of themselves.


We believe in a holistic approach to health and have gathered a comprehensive array of options designed to deliver comfort, innovation, and exceptional results in a sleek, relaxing environment. True health and wellness come from a sense of balance in your body, mind, and soul. All of that begins with clarity concerning the current state of your health and professionals with the vision and expertise required to find you that balance.


In life, it’s vital that we put everything we can into every aspect of our lives. Drifting isn’t an option. We must show up, move through life with passion and purpose, and savor every moment. But consistently giving your all to everything requires an abundance of energy. That’s where we come in. BluVida is here to ensure you are rested, recharged, and ready to throw yourself into life with gusto every day.


Healthy living shouldn’t be a chore. At BluVida we’re on a mission to ensure you’re fighting fit and ready to meet every challenge life throws at you, by relaxing, having fun, and making time for yourself.


While wellness is a laudable aspiration in and of itself, there is a deeper purpose behind the BluVida ethos. Living the best version of you, every day of your life, is a tremendous sensation. It’s also a lifestyle. It’s about feeling alive, vibrant, totally comfortable and confident in your own skin. It’s about saying ‘Yes!’ to every single moment and letting that outlook empower you to feel playful, strong, joyful, and brimming with a confident enthusiasm for life. It’s about knowing you’re fully capable of taking care of yourself – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At BluVida we’re here to support you as you live an extraordinary existence, providing everything you need to look and feel your best, every day of your life.