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Experience The Therapeutic Benefits Of PEMF Cellular Exercise

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Supercharge Your Body

Life takes a toll on your body, right down to the cellular level. PEMF cellular exercise recharges every cell in your body, naturally boosting efficiency to a level unachievable by any other means. Hit your optimal efficiency and peak performance with enhanced nutrient uptake, waste excretion and functionality.

Stress Reduction

PEMF offers a high-tech treatment that tackles many of the niggling health issues experienced day-to-day. Beyond that it has the capacity to enhance your natural wellness by boosting your immune system, increasing your body’s strength and resilient, and reducing stress for a more serene and successful life.

Chronic Pain Management

Nothing hinders your quality of life more than the struggle to manage chronic pain. Whether it’s the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis, the aftermath of an injury, or a side-effect of a medical condition, PEMF cellular exercise is an effective means of mitigating your ongoing pain and ensuring you are living life to the fullest.

What Is PEMF Cellular Exercise?

Pain and fatigue are your body’s way of trying to catch your attention and tell you it needs help. Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (or PEMF) offers a soothing and healing energetic modality that’s fuelling wellness across the spectrum by reducing pain, enhancing performance, and treating a range of health concerns.

Every cell in your body is constantly under strain from environmental factors and the stresses of life. PEMF Cellular Exercise is a deep treatment for your cells that uses electromagnetic fields to exercise your body at a cellular level. Just like working out at the gym and getting your muscles expanding and contracting to strengthen and grow them, PEMF expands and contracts your cells.

Cell strength is just as important as muscle strength. In fact, your muscles become stronger as your cell strength increases. Weak cells operate at a low voltage. PEMF Cellular Exercise boosts any low voltage cells and replenishes their energy reserves. While your cells are busy expanding, contracting, and getting stronger, they’re also expelling toxins and absorbing nutrients. The more your cells’ voltage grows, the stronger they become. 

High voltage cells are the holy grail of health, capable of growing, healing, and reproducing. Not only will PEMF strengthen your cells, it will ensure they’re healthy enough to make more cells that are just as strong.

New Frontiers In Health...

Pushing new frontiers in life takes a physical toll. Nobody understands this better than the astronauts who venture out into space to explore the wonders of the universe and suffer significant bone loss as a result. Yet many of us experience bone loss while pushing our own boundaries here on earth. Aging, illness, certain medications, and environmental or lifestyle factors like alcohol and smoking all lower the density of your bones causing pain and weakness. It’s of particular concern for athletes; training so hard takes a toll. PEMF cellular exercise is an effective means of treating bone loss through cutting edge technology. It’s so effective, NASA support their astronauts with PEMF therapy upon their return to earth.

The Science Behind PEMF Cellular Exercise…

Every cell in your body carries a charge, but like cell phones they are only capable of holding so much charge. Over time they become depleted and lose their charge, resulting in loss of functionality. Until they recharge they are unable to function as they should. Inflammation, toxicity, physical injury, scar tissue, and poor nutrition are all draining your cellular batteries.

Researchers from Yale Medical University have studied cellular health at length and discovered that the root cause of a general lack of wellness is the depletion of your body’s electrical energy. To combat this, PEMF recharges your cells through an FDA-approved method capable of stimulating your immune system, mitigating pain, improving your performance, enhancing your brain function and so much more…

What Are The Health Benefits Of PEMF Therapy?

Supporting your body’s natural ability to heal and replenish itself is the core of wellness. Cells that are naturally healthy possess a high level of charge, yet the world taxes these energy reserves every day. Your cells lose their charge, causing them (and you) to languish at a low voltage.

A healthy, highly charged body is able to sleep better, keeping energy levels higher, and reducing the pain and inflammation caused by the trials of everyday life and chronic conditions. 

The more energy your body has the better able it is to produce and store energy.

But that initial ‘charge ‘ is essential.

The tech behind PEMF has been around since Nikola Tesla first experimented with alternating current in the 19th century. Since then science, research and our understanding of health has evolved, and we now fully understand the healing potential of giving your body a power boost. PEMF is the perfect way of supporting whole body wellness, with benefits including:

Treating Chronic Pain
Boosting Energy & Relieving Fatigue
Build Stronger Bones
Treating Nerve & Tissue Degeneration
Boost Your Immune System
Improve Post-Stroke Recovery
Boost Your Circulation & Oxygenation
Treat Insomnia & Improve Sleep
Treating Disc Pain & Sciatica
Boost Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Production
Reduce Stress & Relax
Treating Neurological Disorders

For many people, PEMF is the missing piece of a frustrating puzzle preventing them from achieving higher levels of functionality in life. If you’re struggling with a chronic illness – particularly one causing pain – PEMF is the perfect treatment.  This is highly effective in treating a range of issues from unresolved disc pain and sciatica, to fibromyalgia, neurological disorders, and even incontinence. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, a little positive energy is just the pick-me-up you need.

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