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Individualized Medication From Our Online Pharmacy Service

Our personalized treatment options are developed to suit YOU

BluVida’s pharmacy is more than just somewhere to refill your medication. We offer an innovative, calming wellness suite with a range of treatments and facilities solely aimed at restoring and enhancing your health. Our compounding pharmacy is able to offer customized medications that suit your needs. Commercially available medications aren’t able to meet the specific requirements of many patients, due to limitations in dosage and strength.

Unique Dosage Forms

We are able to offer unique dosages that offer the ideal amount of medication for YOU. We can also offer forms which are not commercially available – for example, gels, chewies and lollipops. You can be sure that you will receive medication in a dose and form that meets your individual needs.

Free From Damaging Additives

We offer medication options that are free from excipients such as dyes, sugar, lactose and alcohol, helping you to avoid allergens and ingredients that are known to cause you side effects.

Multiple Medications In One Dosage

We can add combinations of various compatible medications into one dosage, making it easier to keep track of your medications and ensuring that administration is as straightforward as possible. We also offer medications that are not commercially available.

Our experience and ingenuity, along with state-of-the-art technology, ensures the effectiveness of your medication so that you can be confident that you are getting the best treatment for you. Our experts undergo ongoing training to guarantee that their knowledge is up-to-date and that we can provide newly developed medication, before it is commercially available. Our services include pain management, bio-hormone replacement for men and women, wound care, scar treatment, dermatology, weight loss and many more.

Boost Your Immune System

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You can combine this treatment with some of the innovative wellness initiatives that we offer here at BluVida Precision Health & Wellness. We are able to offer a variety of alternative therapies which can help with a range of conditions, from osteoarthritis to depression. Our highly trained practitioners will be able direct you to the treatments that are best suited to you.

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