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Take Control Of Your Health With Our Lab Services

Learn All There Is To Know About Your Health, Here In Katy, Houston

Perhaps you’re feeling run down but you’re not sure why, or perhaps you want to learn how to improve your energy levels and sleep. Maybe you are interested in learning more about your long term health and tracking changes. Our lab services can help you.

What Are Lab Services?

BluVida Precision Health & Wellness are proud to offer a range of blood testing services through our lab partner to help you to understand your health like never before. We specialize in hormone checks, routine screening, cancer screening, respiratory pathogen testing, micro-nutrient analysis and more. We can give you the most comprehensive insight into your health that you have ever received.


Sometimes, when you are low on energy you might not even realise – it can become the new normal. Feeling lethargic, not being able to exercise and lack of concentration can all be due to limited energy supplies. Rather than putting up with it, our lab services can tell you the reason why and help you take the steps to remedy it.


Nutrients, your liver function, and many hormones all play a big role in how well you can perform and recover from exercise. They can also affect your ability to get quality sleep – which is a vital part of building muscle and improving fitness. Our lab services show you all you need to know about your levels, so that you can achieve everything that you want to.

Long Term Health

Take control of your long term health with our blood testing services. Learning about your risks of getting certain diseases, and catching cancers early is responsible and can help you to prolong your life. You’ll be able to seek the treatment you need to become the healthiest version of you.

We’ll analyze your metrics...

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Hormone Checks For A Better You

As we age, biological hormones including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, HCG and more decline steadily, after a peak at the age of 30. There is only one hormone which increases with age, and that is cortisol – more commonly known as the stress hormone. 

Hormone deficiency can lead to a wide range of health problems, from depression and sleep disorder to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Many of the treatments provided for these conditions just deal with the symptoms rather than treating the root cause. 

Our hormone check lab service can pinpoint the hormones that you are deficient in, giving you answers and helping you onto the pathway to better health.

Keep On Top Of Your Health With Routine Checks

It is extremely easy to become deficient in vitamins and nutrients, and often you won’t even know until you’re feeling run down and the detrimental effects are damaging each cell in your body.

Being aware of what’s going on in your body shouldn’t be a rarity. If you use routine checks, you will be able to pinpoint the particular vitamins that seem to be missing from your diet, and you will be able to quickly treat any issues that arise.

Monitoring your health is the sensible option – and the key to a healthy life.

Manage Your Symptoms And Live Your Best Life With Cancer Screening and Respiratory Pathogen Screening

Cancer can be a devastating and life-threatening illness, but when it is caught early the chances of survival and improved quality of life are much higher. 

If you choose to have a cancer screening, you will know whether you have this disease – even before you feel any symptoms. You can then seek treatment from your doctor, giving you the best possible chances. 

Respiratory pathogen screening can pinpoint the virus that is making you sick, so you can go straight to the cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

Become A Better Version Of You With Micro-nutrient Testing

Your body needs many vitamins and nutrients to keep working the way that it should. Regular testing of the levels of these in your body can give you an amazing picture of your overall health.

You can use your results to choose one of our Vitamin IV Therapy treatments, to ensure that you are getting the boost that YOU need to become stronger, healthier and fitter.