Project Description

Your Complete Equestrian Fitness And Nutrition Program

Smash Your Goals And Achieve Peak Riding Performance

Just like any other sport, if you want to improve your equestrian skills, you need to train. Unlike other athletes who can use specific workouts designed solely for their sport, equestrians have very little available in the way of programs written purposefully to address their particular health and fitness needs.

Until now.

BluVida, along with Weight Loss Transformation Coach Rosemary Homeister, have created a personalized fitness and nutrition program which will give you the strength and flexibility you need to perform at your very best.

Build Strength

Stamina and strength are vital to ensuring that you and your horse can work in harmony. Our equestrian program will leave you stronger and fitter, ready for your next competition.

Posture And Poise

We work to improve your body alignment and core strength, establishing better control and confidence in the saddle – whatever your level. Banish the feeling that you are holding your horse back.

Planned Nutrition

Transforming your performance depends on the food you are eating. We work with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan to boost your strength and physique, leaving you in the best shape to compete.

Get Ready To Win With
Thoroughbred Jockey Rosemary Homeister

BluVida Health & Wellness Center Katy & Port Arthur

Our unique plan has been developed by Rosemary Homeister, who will work with you throughout the program.

Rosemary is the 2nd most winning female jockey in the world, with an incredible 2,784 total lifetime wins. A true athlete, Rose is award-winning and disciplined, and she is here to share her knowledge and experience with YOU. Rose’s performance as an equestrian has given her a unique insight into what is needed to become a winner, and she can assist you whether you specialize in show-jumping or dressage. Whatever your level, Rose will be happy to help. Get ready to see amazing improvements in your strength, fitness and competitive edge!

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