Project Description

Compression therapy offers a very simple yet highly effective way of increasing the blood flow in your limbs. This has several benefits, including strengthening your vein support, moving metabolic waste out of your limbs, easing soreness in your muscles, and speeding up the recovery time needed following a workout. 

While compression stockings are typically used following surgery and leg injury our compression therapy makes use of compressed air to achieve the same result in an efficient and therapeutic way. The additional pressure on your limbs restricts the circulation of your blood and loosens up the veins in your lower limbs. This has a lot of benefits, including the reduction of pain and inflammation.   

Compression therapy is ideal for those suffering from chronic venous diseases, which can help by encouraging your valves to work more efficiently. Beyond this, however, there are many therapeutic benefits to compression, particularly for those who engage in regular exercise, and are looking to improve the efficiency and recovery time of their workouts.