PEMF Cellular Exercise is a deep treatment for your cells that uses electromagnetic fields to exercise your body at a cellular level. Just like working out at the gym and getting your muscles expanding and contracting to strengthen and grow them, PEMF expands and contracts your cells.

Cell strength is just as important as muscle strength. In fact, your muscles become stronger as your cell strength increases. Weak cells operate at a low voltage. PEMF Cellular Exercise boosts any low voltage cells and replenishes their energy reserves. 

While your cells are busy expanding, contracting, and getting stronger, they’re also expelling toxins and absorbing nutrients. The more your cells’ voltage grows, the stronger they become. 

High voltage cells are the holy grail of health, capable of growing, healing, and reproducing.

Not only will PEMF strengthen your cells, it will ensure they’re healthy enough to make more cells that are just as strong.