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At BluVida Precision Health & Wellness Center we provide the tools and talents from leading experts in the Beauty, Energy, Performance and Wellness Industries to empower our clients to optimize their Health and Wellness. What might seem only attainable to celebrities, experts and professional athletes are available and ready for you.

In an age often accompanied by technology, we believe it is most fitting to use technology for your advancement. Our cutting-edge and personalized hightech systems are designed to help reduce stress, promote better sleep, support weight loss and correct other common problems.

Our services were carefully chosen and curated with you in mind. We offer the best of med spas, rehab centers, and other health services all at one unique wellness center.

Our services are designed to be a quick and easy part of your daily routine to maintain optimum wellness. Allow us to fulfill your potential to start living your best life now.


ANS - Autonomic Nervous System Testing

When it comes to assessing how effectively your brain is communicating with your body, nothing beats ANS. Autonomic Nervous System Testing is an incredibly powerful tool that determines how well your organs are receiving signals from your brain. Ensuring you have and maintain a healthy autonomic balance is essential to reducing complications that arise as a result of chronic disease, reducing mortality and morbidity. Covered by most insurance plans it’s the perfect way to keep your vital systems in perfect working order.

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Cryo21 Same-Day Body Shaping

Remove the tension in your muscles, improve the health and appearance of your skin, and ease the symptoms of trauma following crush injuries with Cryo21 Same-Day Body Shaping. If you’re self-conscious about your double chin, struggling to smooth out your wrinkles, or experiencing soreness and inflammation in your tendons and muscles this is the perfect treatment for you, effectively removing fat, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and strengthening your jawline.

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Cryotherapy Treatment

Our revolutionary cryotherapy treatment is the latest technological breakthrough to aid in the rapid removal of waste and excess fluids from your tissues, resulting in reduced inflammation, improved health and vitality, and even the prevention of health issues you don’t even have yet. If you suffer from migraines, arthritis, mood disorders, or even a lowrisk tumor, cryotherapy can help.

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OsteoArthritis Knee Pain

Prevent knee pain and heal your knee joint naturally. Do you suffer from joint pain? Have you been told you may need knee replacement surgery? Does your pain limit your ability or desire to be active? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be eligible for treatment. Regain Mobility, Decrease Pain, Heal Naturally. Learn more about our non-surgical in-office approach for the treatment of knee pain caused by OsteoArthritis.

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PEMF Cellular Exercise & Pain Relief

The Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (or PEMF) cellular exercise system works in harmony with your body, charging your cells and allowing you to rest, relax, recover, reenergize, and heal so that you can enjoy peak performance in all areas of your life. The energizing power of PEMF cellular exercise is revolutionizing life for athletes, practitioners, and people struggling with a range of health conditions. Reduce pain, manage chronic health issues, and enhance your natural health, wellness and dexterity.

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Slim Sculpt

Offering a completely natural solution your pain management and body contouring, the Slim Sculpt system is an effective means of removing excess fat. It targets and shrinks fat cells in a painless way that requires zero recovery time. In fact, the treatment can be enjoyed as you lie back and relax for ten minutes. Lose inches, feel fabulous, and start a life-changing journey towards holistic health and wellness.

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Solajet Hydro Drywave Massage

Relax your entire body with a Solajet Hydro Drywave Massage designed to deliver targeted water pressure for a whole or partial massage. Relax as the warm jets of water massage the underside of your rubber bed, leaving you completely dry but totally relaxed. The even movements of the water pressure will massage you from head to toe. No need to take your clothes off, no need to shower afterward.

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Vitamin IV Therapy

We all know vitamins are essential to our health and wellbeing, but did you know that topping up your vitamin levels is now simpler than topping off your tan? Lie back, relax, and allow our Vitamin IV Therapy to work its magic. A simple procedure that delivers a perfectly balanced dose of vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream, our IV therapy can help you recover from (and avoid) dehydration while aiding muscle recovery. Visit our one-of-a-kind IV lounge to boost your energy levels and supercharge your immune system...

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