With so many individuals desperate to be better informed about their own health, the demand for consumer-initiated testing is increasing. We at BluVida are happy to provide answers to all your health and wellness questions and offer screening tests for certain conditions, as well as full health screening tests for both men and women. Our specialist Lab Testing offers you a simple, convenient and confidential service that is not only effective and reliable but affordable. This consumer-driven lab testing service allows you to take control of the costs of your healthcare, drive the course of your treatment, and ensure you’re fully informed when it comes to your own body. All lab tests are performed by nationally recognized and CLIA Certified laboratories.

At BluVida we believe in scientific excellence, proactive disease preventatives accompanied by effective management solutions, and exceptional service to our clients. Our lab partners are constantly pioneering nutritional and cardiometabolic testing through advanced technology in order to assess any and all biomarkers and risk factors for our client’s optimum wellness.